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June is Beach Rose Month in Provincetown

We’re just weeks away from the beach roses blooming!

Rosa rugosa is the official name of what many call beach roses and salt spray roses. They bloom in pink and white in Cape Cod National Seashore.

Legend has it that the plant came on shore during a shipwreck hundreds of years ago. It’s also possible it came to Cape Cod in less exciting ways, such as the seeds may have been distributed by birds.

No matter how the roses got to Provincetown and Cape Cod, they thrive here in our sandy dunes and salty air. They are all over not only Cape Cod National Seashore, but throughout Provincetown.

Come visit Cape Cod in June, the best time to see the beach roses in bloom. The Foxberry Inn is perfectly situated near Herring Cove beach. The photos below were taken at Herring Cove. You can take a beautiful walk through the seashore and enjoy the beach roses.

Wake up to our expanded Continental breakfast. Stroll through Cape Cod National Seashore and smell the wonderful scent of the beach roses. If you’re a photographer, bring your camera! Spend the afternoon shopping on Commercial Street, taking a Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch, visit the outer dunes with Art’s Dune Tours, and cap off a perfect Provincetown day with dinner at Fanizzi’s by the Sea.

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