Our Favorite Things

We are so fortunate to be part of a wonderful town that offers so much beauty and nature, awesome activities, American history, and great food and entertainment!

We'd like to share with you some of our Provincetown Favorites.


Please note that many things are a bit different in Ptown this year.  We'd strongly suggest you call ahead to reserve a table, given the decreased capacity, and altered opening hours. 

You can find a list of restaurants with outdoor dining here.

Canteen - OPEN for 2020, with outdoor & indoor dining available
Trendy spot in the middle of town, with mostly all outdoor seating. Perfect for a lunch of lobster rolls and Frosé. 

Fanizzi's OPEN for 2020, with outdoor & indoor dining available
The favorite spot of everyone in town, us included! We love the chicken parm and the mustard nut crusted cod. The dining room looks out on the bay, so ask for a table with a view. All the way on the east end, with some parking available. 

Joon Bar - Closing early August for 2020, only indoor dining available
Cozy and intimate with a great cocktail selection and a super dinner menu. It’s small, so call ahead. 

Kung-Fu Dumpling OPEN for 2020, with outdoor dining available
If you want something very casual, this take out spot has freshly made dumplings that are perfect for a snack or a whole meal. 

Liz's Cafe OPEN for 2020, with outdoor & indoor dining available
Open breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Homestyle cooking at homestyle prices. The foods is fantastic, and the decor is old style nautical.

Mac's Seafood OPEN for 2020, with outdoor & indoor dining available
You'll want to either drive or bike over to this, near the supermarket, with plenty of parking. Great seafood and always an interesting menu. Indoor and outdoor seating, fun cocktails. They also have a great sushi menu. 

Saki OPEN for 2020, with outdoor dining available
If you want Sushi, this is the place to go. Trendy, great art on the walls, and fresh, delicious sushi. 

Sal's OPEN for 2020, with outdoor & indoor dining available
One of our favorites - cozy, Italian, with outdoor seating, perfect service every time. Located right around the corner from our hotel. 

Scott CakesOPEN for 2020, with only outdoor dining available
Three words: Pink Buttercream Frosting. You want it, you need it. Winter bodies are made in summer, right? Treat yo' self!

Spiritus Pizza OPEN for 2020, with only outdoor dining available
This pizza is always great, but it tastes best at 1am when the bars close, as you are walking home from having one too many drinks. 

The Mews OPEN for 2020, with only indoor dining available
A Ptown classic - delicious every time, but do make a reservation or try for a seat at the bar. Views of the harbor. 

The Red Inn OPEN for 2020, with outdoor & indoor dining available
As formal as Ptown gets, which still isn't too formal. Historic Inn with gorgeous water views. Aside from dinner, they have a great happy hour, and a nice deck to have a cocktail. Try the "Tea-tini." 

Victor's OPEN for 2020, with outdoor & indoor dining available
Tapas-style menu that never disappoints, and great cocktails to match. Located right down the street from the hotel.


Art Galleries 
Ptown was once largely an artist's haven, and that is still true today. Town is filled with art galleries. Stroll down Commercial street and check them all out. Most are located in the east end, but there are some great ones further west too. https://ptown.org/art-entertainment/galleries/  

Some of our personal favorites are:

Art's Dune Tour 
This rain-or-shine tour takes you off-road in a comfortable SUV and shows you the historic dune shacks where famous artists and writers have sequestered themselves for decades. You might even see seals on the beach. https://www.artsdunetours.com/ 

Bike Rides
One of the best things to do in Ptown! Rent a bike right down the street at Gale Force Bikes for a day or a week, and get into nature. The paved dune paths are open to only bikes and will take you through an otherworldly landscape, through the sand dunes, the beech forest and more. The dunes can be a great workout, but you can also rent an electric bike and ride easy. Bikes are also the best way to get around town in Ptown. 

Climb The Monument 
That tall tower that you can see from miles away? That's the Pilgrim Monument, complete with museum at the base. Climb it for the best views in Provincetown. 

Drag Brunch - on hiatus for 2020
Can you even really call it Brunch without a drag queen present? Sunday Service at Pilgrim House is the most fun, with live singing, a variety of dancing queens, and delish food. Make a reservation because they sell out every week. https://www.facebook.com/sundayservicedragbrunchptown/ 

Literally a few steps away from your hotel room, you can hop into a kayak and paddle through the moors, a very safe tidal area with no waves, no current, and lots of beauty. You can paddle all the way to Wood End Lighthouse. 

Schooner Hindu - on hiatus for 2020
This historic sailboat takes out small groups twice a day. We recommend the sunset tour - bring a bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers.
As an alternative, check out The Bay Lady for a great time sailing out on the water. https://www.sailcapecod.com/

Shows at The Crown & Anchor and Pilgrim House
For 2020, all shows have been moved outdoors, with reduced capacity to ensure social distancing. With multiple venues, there's always something good to see. Comedy, drag shows, live music, maybe even all three in one performance. Check out their websites for show schedules and prices. 

The Beach 
So many beaches! There's Herring Cove, Race Point, Long Point, and of course the clothing optional "Boy Beach." Ask us about them to find out more. 

The Pool 
The Provincetown Inn, right around the corner from us, has a pool that's free and open to all, with a DJ, a bar, and some food options. It's beach-adjacent and kid-friendly. Or, at The Boatslip, the crowd is mostly guys, almost all speedos, and you'll pay a few bucks to rent the chair for the day. Also has a bar, music and food options.

Walk the Breakwater 
If you want a nice hike, the Breakwater is a mile-long stone jetty, bridging across the moors towards Long Point. Located in the west end next to the Provincetown Inn, It takes about 45 minutes to walk to the end, where you'll find the Wood End lighthouse. 

Whale Watching 
Dolphin Fleet leaves from MacMillan wharf several times a day. Make a reservation, bring some snacks and enjoy a fun day on the water. 


Get an early start! Beginning July 2020, Provincetown has instituted a temporary last-call time of 11pm

A-house/Macho Bar - open for 2020, must purchase food when drinking
A-house is your spot to be if you want to dance the night away (or at least til 1am, which is when everything closes in Ptown). Macho bar is next door, and is more about the cruising. 

Provincetown Brewing Company- open for 2020, must purchase food when drinking
One of the newest additions to town, this spot is relaxed, fun, with outdoor seating, great food and great beer. 

Piano Bar at Crown & Anchor - on hiatus for 2020
If you love musicals and live piano, this is the place! Free to get in and always a lively crowd. 

Porch Bar - open for 2020, must purchase food when drinking
Cozy, low-key spot at the Gifford House hotel, right next to their piano bar (but not musicals, more like pop music on piano). And across the street from Shipwreck. 

Purgatory - on hiatus for 2020
Below Gifford house, Purgatory is most popular for the Underwear Party nights, which are usually twice a week. 

Shipwreck - open for 2020, must purchase food when drinking
Our favorite loungy evening drink spot with a very cute see-and-be-seen crowd. On a cool night, their fire pit will keep you warm, but the hot bartenders will make you sweat. 

Tea Dance - open for 2020, no dancing, must purchase food when drinking
A Ptown classic, you can't miss it! 
Located at Boatslip, the party goes 4-7 every day, but doesn't get busy until 5:30 or so. Solid Gold themed days and Saturdays are most popular. Whether you want to tear up the dance floor, or just hang outside on the deck and enjoy the view, it's worth the admission price. 

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